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“Buildings... Women and Men...”

All the members of the program REGAIN present you with their best wishes for year 2011. Wishes of sustainable development for us Humans, for the Energy given to our constructions ! We are half way through the program !

The French building (Siziaf - Parc des industries Artois Flandres) came out of the ground last spring... "It’s now learning to walk !"
The Belgian building (BEP - Parc Crealys) is coming to an end ... The birth is officially planned for February 11th.
In Wales (Blaenau Gwent County) the building permit was delivered... the happy event is in preparation...
In Scotland (Setic), we refurbish... how to do "recent and of high performance" with the old... A real hope for all of us...
In Italy (EnviPark in Turin), we compare, we weigh, we weigh up, we evaluate all the babies, the whole program.
In France, Palme association takes care of the link... tries to report, to psychoanalyse the affair... because the human link remains essential, fundamental, unique ! Regain, an European story, a Human story... or when the barbaric names (INTEREG IVB) reveal their humanity !


Beautiful human year to you all in 2011 !

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