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Start of the school year for REGAIN, which comes back with a Newsletter prepared by our partner PALME and widely disseminated !

The school year 2010-2011 will be more English-speaking than French speaking. Indeed, the past year saw the finalization of the SIZIAF pilot, in France (in May, 2010) with the first international seminar held inside the brand new building, as well as the starting up of the BEP pilot, in Wallonia - the building is now more than 50% completed. But the partners of the British islands will start operations decisively this fall: A Steering Committee in Wales in October will allow the 6 partners to design more precisely the transnational goals to be reached within the 12 coming month, and after the New Year, we hope that the Welsh and Scottish pilots will be delivered.

Logically, the next international seminars will be hosted by our partners SETIC and BLAENAU GWENT COUNTY. And finally, thanks to the expected completion of the pilots, ENVIPARK will be able to finalize the comparative assessment of the four Energy Efficient Buildings. The results gathered this fall will allow us to start, from spring, 2011, an analysis on the governance, and more specifically on the regional and local implementation of the (EU) European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the specificities of industrial and office buildings.


Olivier Granville

Project Manager of REGAIN

Economic Bureau of Namur

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