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PALME is an association consisting of local communities (Regions, Départements, Agglomeration communities, federations of municipalities, towns), developers (publicly-owned local development corporations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry), managers and coordinators of industrial parks, private contractors (under certain conditions).

PALME is a organisation for sharing knowledge, in the field of managing and planning sustainable business parks. The organisation is among others hosting a database underpinned by an intranet accessible to members, containing technical data relating to sustainable development. Several times a year training days are organised for members to share and benefit from each others experience; technical and legal knowledge and innovative solutions.

Furthermore, in response to the trend leading industrial parks towards to ISO 14001 certification, members have asked the association to provide services dealing with the requirements of the standard. In response, the association is the pilot of “crossed audits” which take place between members and by publicising member achievements in its newsletter, it has established a legal and technical bulletin service.

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