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The SIZIAF building is an element within a much larger project, the creation of the Canal Business Park, developed over 12 hectares in the heart of the Artois Flandres Industrial Estate, and dedicated to businesses in the service sector. This park will be designed in accordance with sustainable principles, with a strong emphasis on landscaping.

The REGAIN building will be the first to be constructed in the Canal Business Park. It will accommodate 3 businesses in the service sector, providing 600 sq.m total accommodation divided equally among office, studio/workshop/storage and a flexible space which can be used for any of these uses.

For SIZIAF, the creation of a sustainable building must achieve 3 objectives :
• High environmental standards in relation to insulation, renewable energy and eco materials.

• Fitness for purpose for the occupants (ease of use, appropriateness of the environmental approach etc.).

• Ability to duplicate cost-effectively for any building wishing to locate in the Business Park and in the wider Nord-pas de Calais region.

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