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The inauguration of the building and the arrival of a first tenant, user of the building, mark a new step in the REGAIN program. After the "conception" phase, the "construction" phase, we’re moving onto the "evaluation" phase with the implementation of all measuring equipments by the University of Science of Artois during October. Now is also the right time to take a first look back on the modalities of the construction of a low energy consumption building.

• It is essential that the originator of the project follows himself the construction to ensure that the original objectives are not lost on the way.

• The awareness raising of all workers on site is absolutely necessary. The transfer of the demands emanating from the contracting authorities and project managers to the entire workforce remains one of the most important elements for success, notably in regards of the air-tightness of the building.

• Looking back, it seems reasonable to limit one’s ambitions. Indeed, aiming to respect the quality of the building, provisional costs, delays while adding local SMEs is without doubt a difficult objective to meet.
Some SMEs have under estimated the stakes and demands, thinking that they would apply their traditional method covered with a high environmental quality gloss. This results in delays, expensive adjustments, arguments and even sometimes some non- qualities. This confirms the importance of adequate training of all building trades to the new requirements of such build. Nevertheless, we are proud of the end result. The building is beautiful, surfaces and volumes are attractive and the thermal insulation seems efficient. It now remains to let the building live and to monitor the way the tenants make use of it. Their way of being in the building will have an effect on energy consumption: this is the stakes of this new step, the evaluation of performances.

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