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Environment Park (IT)

Address : Science and technology Park for the Environment, Via Livorno, 60
10144 Torino Italy

Phone : +39 011 225 7298

Fax : +39 011 225 7225

Website : www.envipark.com


The role of Environment Park, Science and Technology Park for Environment, is to stimulate and collect the demand for innovation by promoting project initiatives that involve the Piedmont university, technology parks and innovation centers.

Environment Park is divided into two business units, respectively dedicated to the property management and research and innovation activities. The Business Unit dedicated to the research has historically developed around the concept of eco-efficiency, with a typical cross-sectional approach to the environment. The experience has led over time to select four operational areas :

  • Green building : dedicated to support private organisations and institutions in eco-friendly architecture design;
  • Integrated Environmental Projects : aimed at businesses and institutions to deliver innovative and eco-efficient solutions based on technology transfer, environmental analysis and innovative environmental management tools;
  • Energy : designed to offer a service to businesses and government agencies in the field of energy technologies through research management solutions, innovative technology and engineering, technical-economic feasibility studies and product testing.
  • Plasma : focus on research and technology transfer in the treatment of surfaces with eco-efficient nano-technologies based on plasma. The activity is performed in the Clean NT Lab laboratory.


Environment Park is an expert partner which advises the best buildings rating tools to compare each building of the REGAIN programm, according to international specified standards.

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