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Scotland’s property portfolio is in a mixed condition with significant investment required over medium term. SETIC has the opportunity to refurbish an existing building to demonstrate how this can be delivered in an affordable and commercial manner.

In summary :

• To bring to the market a physical showcase of ’Low Carbon Building & Energy Technologies within Scotland’

• To provide a bridge between R&D and the market for innovative low carbon energy and building technology

• To provide a platform to transfer Scottish knowledge and technology into a European market through the partner network and promotional vehicles that will be developed

• To stimulate, develop, support and evaluate low carbon energy & building technologies

• To provide an environment to assess the practicality and operational issues with low carbon building and energy methods & technologies

• To provide a test facility for the built environment appropriate to the Scottish climate

• To develop practical training and education opportunities for Scottish energy and construction sectors

• To inform policy in relation to sustainable energy and construction.


The Energy Technology Centre (ETC) currently provides a resource for the development and testing of a range of small scale renewable energy systems. A suite of test cells with associated operator control rooms allows the safe operation of devices featuring rotating machinery, electricity generation, combustion systems and hazardous fluids.
Typical examples of technologies which the ETC can support include :

• Small/Micro CHP

• Small/Micro wind turbines

• Fuel cells

• Alternative fuels

• Solar and PV

• Component durability

The facility is made up of two buildings formed around a central courtyard. The buildings themselves are made up of a variety of different types and materials due to previous extensions, alterations and additions. Building 1 is a 1950’s concrete framed, flat roofed building with high-bay workshop to one end and offices to the other. Building 2 is primarily 1970’s cavity wall construction with a flat roof.


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